Industrial Relations & Social Policy Services

The core services provided by the IR & SP Department include the following:

  1. Information dissemination on (proposed) changes in employment legislation
  2. Advisory services through a variety of media – newsletters; newsflash; newspaper articles ( these are published weekly and tackle topical issues affecting employers); telephone communications; emails etc.
  3. Advocacy and lobbying in respect of employment issues in local, regional and international meetings and publication of position papers
  4. Representation of members through various statutory boards
  5. Sector mandate meetings such as various Wage Regulation meetings

In order to sustain the organisation, the Department offers user pay services for a nominal fee compared to what the market would charge for the same or similar services. Hence the main functions of the department are to provide both Core and User pay services.

The user pay services are divided into two – consultancy services and training services. The former includes chairing and initiating disciplinary hearings and Court and CMAC appearances and the latter consists of generic public workshops and seminars and in-house trainings. The office also reviews HR Manuals and disciplinary codes to ensure that such are aligned and accord with best practice and current industrial relations jurisprudence from the Courts.

Training, Workshops and Seminars

Below is a list of trainings workshops and seminars under the IR department:

  1. Annual Secretary’s Convention
  2. Labour Law Seminar
  3. Women’s Business Seminar
  4. Chairing Disciplinary Hearings
  5. Grievance and Discipline Handling
  6. Industrial Relations Training – An Overview
  7. Conciliation Training for Employers
  8. Fraud Prevention and Detection

The department also provides customised services which include workshops. A number of disciplinary hearings are also chaired by the office on request by members. Company policies are also reviewed as per member’s requests.

IR and SP Representation to:

Provide advice to employers on labour related issues and represent employers’ interest in various Boards:

Concilliation, Mediation and Arbitration Committee
Swaziland Competition Commission
Labour Advisory Board
Training and Localisation Committee

National Steering Committee on Social Dialogue

This is a means of communication between stakeholders in order to have a positive change in the country. The main topics include:

  1. Fight corruption
  2. The state of the economy and
  3. The fight against HIV/ AIDS